Randomly Picking Retweets For Twitter Giveaways

The best way to pick random retweets on Twitter. Check out how it works.

Retweet Picker provides you an outstanding way by running a contest or giveaway on Twitter to reach new viewers, create awareness, increase your following and much, much more.

Setting up a Twitter giveaway can be as simple as sign in with your Twitter account, choose and copy a retweet link address and enter in one of the two methods (Method1 or Method2) and hit “SELECT WINNER” button. The system will pick a random retweet for you.

You can ask users to enter by following you on Twitter, liking, retweeting or replying to your Tweet, or even tweeting with a designated hashtag.

When you run a contest you will be able to grow your audience and capture the attention of a huge pool of highly relevant users. This in itself is great, but if you really want to make the most of your contest then you should be capitalizing on this heightened attention and driving immediate sales through advertisement.

One of the best approaches you can take to converting contest entrants into customers is offering them coupon codes which they can use to make discounted purchases at your store.

Most users who enter your contest will have an interest in your product, and in many cases a discount will be enough to tip them over the edge and get them make a purchase.