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How does it work?
How it works?

Whenever you want to select a winner for your twitter giveaway, simply login to and enter your Tweet URL and select a winner. However, because of the Twitter API rate limit, we'll be only able to select a winner from your most recent 100 retweets. This method is good if you have 1-100 retweets. (This method works even if you have a 100,000 retweets, but it will only select a winner from the most recent 100 retweets.)

How do I select multiple winners?

First, select a winner by submitting your tweet and if you need 5 winners, click on re-select 4 more times. To get the list of winners, enter draw verifier ID on draw verify section, and the list of winners will appear.

"ERROR" The status does not belong to you

To select a winner, you must be the author of the Tweet. If you're the author and still get an error saying "The status does not belong to you" We suggest you use a diffrent web browser as it mostly happens on iPhone's default browser(Safari). (Google Chrome is Recommended)

How does retweet draw typically work?
Typically, the process starts with the organizer posting a tweet that details the prize, rules, and deadline for the draw.

Participants must retweet this tweet to enter. Some contests may also require additional actions like following the organizer's account or tagging friends. After the entry period ends, the organizer verifies that participants have met all the requirements. A winner is then selected, often using a random selection tool, and announced via the organizer's account. Retweet draws are popular for increasing engagement and follower counts on social media platforms.

What are the common rules and guidelines for participating in a retweet draw?
Retweet Requirement

Participants must retweet the specific tweet to enter.

Follow Requirement

Often, participants need to follow the organizer’s account.


Restrictions based on age, location, or other criteria, such as being 18+ or residing in a particular country.

Single Entry

Typically, only one entry per person or account is allowed to ensure fairness.

Tagging Friends

Some draws require tagging friends in the comments or replies.

Entry Deadline

Participants must enter before a specified deadline.

Public Account

Entries often need to be from public accounts to verify retweets.

Additional Actions

Occasionally, participants might need to use specific hashtags or comment on the post.

Winner Selection

Winners are usually chosen randomly and announced by a specified date.


Participants must comply with the platform's rules and any local laws regarding contests.


How do I enter a retweet draw?

To enter a retweet draw, you must retweet the specified tweet from the organizer’s account. Additional actions like following the organizer’s account or tagging friends may also be required. Ensure you complete all the steps outlined in the draw announcement.

How are winners selected in a retweet draw?

Winners are typically selected randomly using a selection tool or software that ensures fairness. The organizer will verify that the selected winner has met all the entry requirements before announcing the result.

What are the eligibility requirements for retweet draws?

Eligibility requirements vary by draw. Common restrictions include age limits (e.g., 18+), geographic location (e.g., residents of a specific country), and having a public Twitter account. Always check the specific rules outlined in the draw announcement.

What should I do if I have issues or complaints about a retweet draw?

If you have any issues or complaints, contact the organizer directly through the contact method provided in the draw announcement. Be sure to provide details of your issue and any relevant information to help resolve it.

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